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A Dream's Reality

The Remembering Chapter

© SoraSkellington

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Simple meaningless words of whatever emotion to the someone....especially if it is yourself.
Today's my birthday and I must complete the thing I wish to do today.
Tell Jack.
This is it.
The big plunge into darkness. The offering of a crucified hellingly past, told unto another one who is plainly uninnocent. Friendship a plenty and therefore allowing my feelings to be spread out like as if they were a jigsaw puzzle. I know the response of him grinning is highly doubtful just as seafood is to my allergic reaction.
That being cautious. But the smile, not the less, you can hardly ignore. I have seen it before and inside, it just makes your heart explode. But I've already felt that. So, why am I feeling it again?
I know just standing on the spiral of the tombstones will do nothing for me.
Except bring back pain.
Of all the times, I saw his face, now gone.
Like a broken glass heart that cannot be fixed or repaired with anything. Not even an enchanted cursing spell. But, I remember too well. The song he had sang to me, the day before he died. That day being, the 5th of October.

He just got out of the hospital.
Some idiot shot him in the heart after trying to do a Michael Jackson on me. I was worried.
Concerned. I cried half the time and my parents wouldn't even care. Neither the less if I jumped off a bridge and called myself an angel.

But that song, is now a whisper of the wind.
He knew it was from my upcoming soon - to - be - favorite game. But he didn't care. As long as he saw me happy, that's what brought him to the light of his heart.

- " You give me strength to show you care
I cannot fight without you so there
I know I've been lost without you

We'll stand together
Now and forever
And as I tell you this very troubled night
That we will set things right."-

It was perfect.
Regardless if my dress was ripped and to think, it was worth at least $550 grand. But he didn't care if I was rich, a princess, more likely anything. He loved me. That's why he sang that song. And then, I sang with him under my breath, but I wasn't sure if he would make it an uproar. He heard my voice end when he grabbed my hands.
I stopped.
Then he stared at me.
And then, he spoke to me. Saying something no one did. All in the precise wording.

" I long to hear your song. Just as Zeus wishes to rain lightning bolts upon the hells of Hades.Please, sing me your song."

By this hour, I had written yet another song. It was my new theme song. I acknowledged my old one was getting quite a chore and boring. So, I had written a new one. But yet, my boyfriend inspired me to.

- " I heard time was fading easily
Darkness was starting to grow
My heart was losing again
Just like years ago
Years ago I loved my dreams
But now I'm only terrified

And I'm broken
Torn with malice turned to a harmful joy
And I'm broken
You are only my light
To help my body take form
To help my glow stay clear
To help my life survive on your hands

The Apocalypse is coming
And I hear the tears of all the people fall
The morning of death is awakening
And I know who can tell a secret
One to change our lives forever
Yet give up a sacrifice

And I'm broken
Torn with malice turned to a harmful joy
And I'm broken
I have a little secret
One to die upon
One to save upon
One to think upon until the time comes

When eternity is dreaming
Infinity will form
Taken by the survival of our hearts
Light or dark it doesn't matter
Because I know I'll be the first to die"-

Only then he saw the pain in my eyes.
Then, I cried.And he hugged me.
I knew that wasn't what I wanted my life to be.
Sometimes I wished I could just be a little kid again, so when life gets tough you can just play pretend... I wanna go back to when Santa did exist... when your teddy was the only one you ever kissed... When Disney world was the best place to be... When the only movies you could see were rated G... When your biggest problem was learning to write your name... And people didn't change... And your friends were the same... And every time you were sad or you had a bad day you could just run to mommy and it would all be okay... I wanna go back to no hurt... And no pain... Just laughter... ~when everyone always lives happily ever after and no one dies.
Like I did.
I died in the end.
The last thing I remember of him, was his body. Being dragged away by the hitman that was after him. Then myself, crying into my own pool of blood.

It was midnight after I told Jack everything.
He let me stay the night there. And as soon as he closed the door to my room, I did one thing I haven't done in what seemed like a millennia.
I cried myself to sleep.
Remembering Jack's emotions.
They were hurt. Torn.
Like the only memory you had left ripped into shreds and never to return. He was speechless.
All the time, he held me in his arms as if he loved me.
But now I wonder, does he?

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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