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Nightmares, fantasies and dreams

© Venezia

A poem about my feelings for Jack and Leon, my feelings for my fantasies impossible to reach

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Sometimes I remember
when i watched nightmare nefore christmas for first time.
I remember the fanatasy
that entered in my mind.
And that make me everyday sigh
Because I finally found my Jack.

Sometimes I'm walking along the streets
seeing my bone daddy jumping with his grace
and he really didn't try to hide
instead, he touched a very particualr part of my body
and it was my dreamer heart.

Sometimes i'm connected in the computer
watching the website about the movie,
about the game,
about my fantastic men.
And one day i tried to make something by myself.
I created a story where my love appears,
my love for him, my love for my beast,
my love for my Leon, my love for my fantasy.

Sometimes i'm sat in the park
and start to watch the birds with their beautiful wings
and i think in the deep of my mind
"Have Leon is like have that wings,
is like fly without that feathers"
If i just could have that to fly to Halloween,
If i just could be all the time with him,
If i just could have that wings to be with him forever
to fly to Halloween Town
where my phantom prince is waiting for me
but it's all just a fantasy
just an innocent dream

Sometimes i ask to myself
"What comes after the dead?
Maybe a wish
maybe something i hate
maybe the sky
maybe the hell
or perhaps the middle!"
But it doesn't matter
because it's just a theory
that i will never prove
or at least when my soul leave my body
to fall in the deep dream.

But i'm afraid of that
afraid of be wrong
afraid of have a sad end
and never reach my dreams
never reach my fantasies.

Sometimes i wonder
"What if my theory is right?"
And see myself taking in my hand a gun
where i should shoot?
my brain or my heart?
If i shoot my brain
I will lose my memories of all i hate
but too i will forget all i love and always loved
and i will not remember
what i really wanted for my wish
and that will broke my dreams in smithereens
But if i shoot my heart
i will lose my times without his love
but i will not have heart for him
and i won't say ever "i love you"

And there's a question that booms in my mind
why this world is so unfair?
why can't i have him?
I don't have enought with stories or draws
that isn't something i can touch
that isn't something i can love.

Sometimes i'm lying on my bed
trying to get asleep
trying to enter to the world of my dreams
i see Leon lying on the bed behind me
embracing me strongly
and giving me something
the thing that everyday i wish
the thing that i will never find here
and it's his lovely kiss.

He calls me "love"
He kiss my lips again
He caress my cheeks so softly
so sweetly, so him
so lovely, so real
but although i don't want
it's just another dream that i wake up.
I notice that he isn't here
I want to cry, to lament
to scream "came back with me, dear!"

Then i close my eyes
trying to see him again in my dreams
but it isn't enough
i find him one time in a million
and when finally i find him
something is always there to interrupt
that makes me open my eyes in the morning
sad because i lost another day
another day without my favourite place
another day being out of my dreams with him.

I think that we all live in a nightmare
a long nightmare that makes us live far of our fantasies
and when the dead finally comes
we leave that horrible nightmare
our nightmare without dreams
and leave to a new world
the world of Halloween
the world where all our dreams comes true
the world where the deads live
the world where Leon is waiting for me
the world where that will be forever my dreams
the world where my fantasies rest in peace


This poem really express my emotions and feelings. I thank Jack Nightmare 2 U with all my heart, who gave me the inspiration and the courage to write this! I love you twin!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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