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Memory of thy King

© SoraSkellington

Sora the Grey Loneliness of the Waves meets Jack for the first time But does she learn to despise him or love him?
This describes my true emotions, I am Sora in this.
I remember when you told me
You told me that you loved me
Now look at us
We're worlds apart
Yet we're closer than I believe

I know I'll stand on the edge of hell sometimes
I know I'll tend to talk in rhymes
I know I'll bring back our times

But at least I know you're tehre

I remember the night I stood on the spiral hill
I looked down upon the world and I felt all the vibrations of energy fly past me
Up into the heavens
And then that's when I remembered
I found you there

Where the pumpkin sun was no more a dream
Where a single nightmare was more than it was to seem
Where everything was nicer than cream
All yet in a hauntingly manner

Then as I stared into the glories of heaven
You showed up

I was no longer enchanted in the diamonds of heaven
But I was lost in your eye sockets
Your two pools of ponder
Dragging me into the core of all things impossible
Dark and reducing my adornment for the life before
A clever brisk of wind seemed to rush by them in a timely way
Yet at the same time
I lost myself in my heart

I could only stare into your skull
And wonder if all the things in the universe would dare
Dare themselves to compare their merciless ways unto you
It was then I saw the dust of angels stand by you
Making your black halo darker than my dreams

My terror grew weary
My heart began to open
My eyes started to sparkle like your thoughts

Your nightmaric thoughts of an endless bliss
The bow tie upon your neck intrigued me
To think of it, I just wanted to grab it off of your form, and call it my own

But I knew I couldn't

Because you were too perfect to take away
I couldn't kidnap you even if my life depended on it

But then I saw the sky again

It was a glow of a to be rich luster of blood
Searing its pain across the ways of the old life I knew
Now painting its dramatic entrance above it all

Above the horrors of dreams
Above the splendors of simplicity
Above the realistic things of such a day in a single year

The day that changes everything
From ordinary to extraordinary
From reality to fantasy
From work to imagination

The day that causes the world to stop
And try to think of the hellish ways its been tortured
To believe in a dreamy state of a thoughtful matter
Was as awkward as this town
For as it stood behind me, I no longer cared
All I could do was stare into the hypnotizing ways of a skeleton man

His eye sockets were all aglow with a tender heart
His outfit of pinstriped black and white was depicted as an eighth wonder to my brain
His figure was enchanted by the hours of the dawn

I felt the rays of the rising wonder of the pumpkin sun crawl up behind me
The heavens have blessed me that day
Laying my eyes on the Pumpkin King
I remember my smile so weak, it was heart touching

It was just as if I was scorned by heaven
I felt as if I had my wings and they were taking off without me
I stood there like as if I was frozen within the minutes
The next thing I knew
I was in Jack's arms

All I could remember was the seduction that I thought I felt
I thought I felt it
But it brought back the pain of Tei and I
How he used to let me get close with him

It was a perfect romance
My chemical romance
Now gone like a lone grain of sand
Vanished like a memory
One ripped from the center of your heart
And then to witness, it smashed to the ground
As if it were glass like all the others

And to think, it was

But now the memory of the hour
Is now replacing the old, broken one
But I know I cannot replace something as dear as that memory

For it is something I cannot do
For it is as if a thorn in the sides of a relinquished hell
For it is a dream I can live out
And I did

But now I realize
Awakening from this dream is going to be hard
Especially when nothing is impossible
Just like the kiss of the King
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