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The Devil and the Skeleton.

The Devil and the Skeleton

© LDK Sparda

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Chapter 11: The final set of trials.

Vergil and Axel had now entered the easter door. They saw millions of enemies. "What do we do now?" Axel asked Vergil.

Vergil studied the enemies. "I only have one idea, fight and kill." He said as he ran into the field of enemies and started to fight.

Axel followed Vergil in and stayed close to the exit of Easter Town. He was fighting better then before. He jumped up and landed on a enemy and cut his head off. He used the body as a back-up weapon.

Vergil was utilizing Agni and Rudra in some awesome aerial combo attacks. He slashed a few up, he followed them up and knocked them into a ring formation. He started to spin around, attacking the demons. He landed on the ground with his enemies, they were dead, shattered. He ran towards Axel who was having alot of trouble.

Axel was laying on the ground beaten. He tried to stand up, but couldn't. "HELP!" He yelled as he was stabbed in the spine. He heard some gun shots. "Who? What?"

Vincent was standing there. "I thought I wouldn't make it in time." He said as he picked up Axel. "I'm a friend of your fathers." He looked at Vergil. "Ah your the one I'm supposed to work with."

Vergil nodded. "Apparently so. Well come on lets get in there and kill some of those." He said as he pointed towards the oncoming army.

Vincent noticed Axel was instantly healed. "Yes now we can." He transformed into the Galian Beast and ran in.

Vergil and Axel ran into the army and started to raise their own hell. They were aiming for the heads, unlike Vincent. Vergil grabbed one demon by the mouth. He crushed its head. Axel was cutting legs off then cutting the heads off.

Vincent became normal and started to unload rounds into the enemies. "Here he comes..." He said as a huge golem approached them.

Vergil and Axel stopped fighting as the golem absorbed the enemies. "Its getting stronger!"

The golem roared loudly and looked down them. "By order of Doppelganger Seventy-Two of Oogie and Mundus' army you shall not pass!"

Vergil stood frozen in fear. "Did he say...Mundus...We can't win against him...Without the Sparda sword..."

Vincent looked at Vergil. "Your afraid of a devil? Thats unbecoming of Spardas son." He said with a nod. "However I have been afraid too. I could have died..."

Vergil shook it off. "Then lets go and win a war!" He said with a laugh as he ran towards the golem. He was followed by Axel and Vincent.

The golem reached down to grab Axel. "Come here little one now!"

Axel jumped onto the arm and ran up. "This nine year old isn't that stupid!" He ran upto the neck.

Vincent jumped up and transformed into Gigas. He ripped off a leg and destroyed it.

Vergil changed into the Yamato Devil form. He slashed at the backside of the golem. When he stopped he was joined by Axel and Vincent. "Come on lets finish this!" They gave Vincent some of their life energy so he could charge a shot.

Vincent aimed at the life core and charged the shot to the maximum. He shot and hit the target perfectly.

Vergil and his group walked towards the new Doppelganger. "This better be the last one!"

Seventy-Two was waiting for them. He was Vincents Doppelganger. "Welcome everyone to my hell!"

Vincent was the only allowed to fight the new Doppelganger. "Why just me alone? Let me guess you want to be whole?"

Seventy-Two nodded. "That is it. Thats what I want." He said with a smirk.

Vincent took off his cloak and headband. "Then try and take it." He said as he pulled out a silver infused sword. "If you can."

Seventy-Two held a copy of the Yamato. "If you insist." He said as he ran towards Vincent and got two swings in.

Vincent blocked only one of the slashes. He was hit by the first one. He started to swing numerous times. He hit the Doppelganger each time. He pushed the Doppelganger down. He took out his triple barrel pistol and put it upto his forehead. He shot and grabbed his accessories.

Vergil held an easter egg. "Come on lets go! We only have one more day!" He said as he ran towards the exit.

Vincent and Axel followed as fast they could. When they reached the exit they went into the Saint Patricks day door.

Vergil noticed it was empty, he then sensed a big power. "Beowulf!" He said as he looked up and saw the Sparda Hunter.

Beowulf jumped down and roared. "Seed of Sparda. I will exterminate you!"

Vergil held his sword upside down. "You think you can manage?"

Beowulf ran in and punched Vergil in the stomach. "I believe I can!" He said with a roar. He was huge, he was half black panther and half eagle. He was imbued with the power of light. He held a power within him.

Vergil jumped up and slashed down. He hit Beowulfs eye, "Yes!" He said as he started to slash. He jumped back and slashed at nothing. He sent an orb of dark energy at Beowulf. When it hit him there were Vergils slashes.

Beowulf ran towards Vergil. He stopped. He fell in pieces. Bloody pieces, but atleast Vergil could get home faster.

Vergil took Beowulfs soul and received gauntlets and shinguards. He grabbed the clover and ran to Jack. "I'm here sir!" He said as he handed over the items.

Jack smiled and nodded. "You are worthy of my daughter. It should have taken you longer though."

Vergil pointed at Vincent and Axel. "They helped." He said with a nod. "And I'm sorry if I wasn't able to recieve help."

Jack shook his head. "You were supposed to. It was also a test to see how much you could rely on other people besides yourself. Yes I know of what you faced. I faced them all once and I had to run. Hurry go to Cola. She is in your house."

Vergil was already running to his house. When he reached it he found Cola and was ambushed by her.

Cola was kissing Vergil alot. "Oh your home! I was worried." She said with a smile. "Now we can be married."

Vergil nodded and grabbed her hands. "Yes we can."
Chapter eleven everyone.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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