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TNBC 2: The Jack and Zack Attack

© Tahlia

Jack takes a vacation to see his twin brother, Zack, that he hasnt seen since they were teenagers. Zack looks like Jack but a little bit shorter. Jack takes Zack back to Halloweentown from his town Hallowvale to live with him. But Zack has a secret that he has never told anyone, until now when he tells it to Jack! Zack has had a crush on Sally since they were teenagers! What will happen when Zack finds out that Jack and Sally are married? Will Zack be mean? Will Sally divorce jack and marry Zack? Find out in The Nightmare Before Christmas 2: The Jack and Zack Attack

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The Nightmare Before Christmas 2: The Jack and Zack Attack

Jack was sitting on his bed packing for his vacation, when Sally comes in and sits next to him. "Jack... I'll miss you terribly..." she said with tears in her eyes. "Don't worry..." Jack said, "I won't be gone long, only for a week." Sally scooted closer to him on the bed. Jack stopped packing and grabbed Sally and hugged her tightly. He whispered in her ear, "I'll always love you."

The next day, Jack woke up, quickly got dressed into his usual black pinstripe tuxedo, and went down the stairs into the huge kitchen. Sally was there sitting at the table with her head in her hands. Jack went over to her and asked, "What's wrong Sally?" All she did was pull a string on her wrist, pull out a leaf and write a message on it with a pen. She handed it to Jack and he read it. It said, "Call me every other day. I love you Jack... love Sally" Jack sat next to her and put his arm around her and she kissed him on the cheek.

Jack looked at his watch and said, " I must go now, remember I'll be back before you know it." He got up and walked over to the door, opened it and walked out. He was half way down the stairs when Sally came running down the steps of Skellington Manor and grabbed Jack and hugged him tightly. They kissed for a minute or two and then Jack walked the rest of the way down the steps. He was starting a daylong walk to a small town not far from his own called Hallowvale. That is where his twin brother Zack lived.

Jack walked for at least a mile before he got to the holiday tree circle, but he didn't stop there, he walked right past the circle of trees and on to a fork in the road. The sign said Hallowvale right and Witchington left. He went to the right and soon entered a town not that different from his own but a bit smaller. He hasn't seen Hallowvale ever since he was a kid growing up with Zack. He went to town hall and asked the Hallowvale mayor where the house of Zack Skellington was. The mayor looked at him for a second, and then said, "You look just like Zack... oh my god! You must be his twin brother that he has been telling all of us about!" Jack replied, "Yes, I am. My name is..." "Jack Skellington" the mayor said, finishing Jack's sentence. "Zack's house is straight ahead when you exit the town hall." "Thank you" Jack said turning towards the door.

Jack walked out of the town hall and looked straight ahead, and saw this huge manor ahead of him. Jack gasped and thought, "Gee... Zack must me royalty or something like me... but I bet that he's not a king or anything." Jack walked toward the huge house and up the steps leading to the door. He rang the doorbell and it made a freaky laughing sound. Jack heard footsteps approaching the door. He stood there and the door opened, and there in the doorway was a skeleton a little bit shorter then he and wearing a black tuxedo like him but without the pinstripe design. They stood there looking at each other for a second and then Zack said, "Oh Jack! I haven't seen you since we were teenagers! What have you been doing all these years?" Jack cleared his throat and said, "I am the king of Halloweentown." Zack just stood there looking at Jack like he was about to faint. "Are you alright Zack?" Jack said looking a little surprised at his brother's reaction. Then Zack blinked and said, "Oh, how I have longed to be a king or prince of some kind, but even though I'm a Skellington, I'm still a normal towns person." Jack looked at him and then at his big house. Jack asked, "If you're just a normal towns person... then what's with the big house? I mean, it looks like well... Mine!" Zack said, "I want to go back to your town and live with you there." Jack looked surprised and then nodded his head. Zack then ran back into his house pulling Jack along like a sack of potatoes.

Jack got pulled in by his brother so fast that he left his suitcase sitting on the doorstep. He looked around and smiled at everything that his brother had. Then Zack pulled him along again and this time, up a flight of stairs up to his bedroom. Jack gasped as he saw his brother's room. There were pictures of him and Zack on the walls and he laughed to himself because he thought that he looked funny when he was a teenager. He remembered all the good and bad times he and his brother had when they lived in this town. Then all of a sudden he stopped and stared at a certain picture. It was a picture of Sally as a teenager! Jack was so shocked at the picture that he couldn't speak! He turned to Zack and asked, "Umm... Zack...? Why do you have that picture hanging here?" Zack replied, "Oh... I never wanted to tell you or anyone else this but... I have had a crush on that girl ever since I was a teenager!" Jack's eyes widened in shock and he thought about what Zack will do when he finds out that he has been and is married to her! Jack looked at Zack for a minute and then sighed. Zack pulled out a suitcase he had under his bed, and started to put stuff in it. Jack was still thinking about Sally and staring at the picture of her on the wall.

When Zack was done packing, Jack walked over to him and looked at his tuxedos and then looked down at the one that he was wearing, and then asked, "Why don't your tuxedos have a pinstripe pattern on them?" Zack looked at Jack's clothes for a minute and then said, "Oh, just because I wanted to look like you but with something a little bit different, because I thought people would get confused and start calling me Jack and you Zack." Jack chuckled at what his brother had said and then walked over to the bedroom door.

They walked out of the house and out into the town, and realized that as they were walking, the town's people were looking at the two of them and whispering to one another. Jack reached back and grabbed his coat tails and held them for a second. Zack looked at Jack hanging on to his coat tails and said, "What's up with you?" "What do you mean?" asked Jack. "I mean... why are you hanging on to your coat tails?" Jack looked at the coat tails in his bony hand and quickly dropped them. Jack's cheekbones turned a light pinkish color for a second and then back to normal color again.

Jack and Zack were walking back to Halloweentown, and Zack was nervous about it because he thought that the people in Jack's town wouldn't like him. Then Zack grabbed his coat tails and then let go of them again before Jack saw. They walked until they got to the holiday tree circle, and Zack stopped and looked at the strange trees with the doors on them. Then Jack turned around and saw Zack reaching for the Christmas tree shaped door. Jack freaked out and ran over and grabbed him before he could open it. Zack squirmed away from him and said, "Hey! What gives??" Jack sighed and explained why he grabbed him away from that door. "Ooooh... so that's why you..." "Yup... all that I told you happened a year ago." Zack and Jack took another look at the trees and then walked on to Halloweentown.

Ok... here was the first chapter of my story. I hope you liked it! Chapter 2 is coming soon!

Chapter: 1 2 3

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