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TNBC 2: The Jack and Zack Attack

TNBC 2: The Jack and Zack Attack

© Tahlia

Chapter: 1 2 3

Jack and Zack enter Halloweentown and Zack's mouth is hanging open. All the villagers are looking at Jack and Zack and trying to tell the difference between the two skeletons. Zack grabbed his coat tails again, and this time Jack saw and giggled a bit. Zack dropped them and turned red. Jack looked back ahead of him and said, "There's no reason to be nervous Zack! This place is no different than your own town." What Jack had said made Zack feel a little better. Zack stared down at his feet and kept walking next to Jack.

They walked through the whole town to Skellington Manor and Zack thought, "My god! Jack was right when he said that his house is like mine!" Jack walked up the stairs and as he was about to open the door, he remembered what Zack has said about Sally. Zack was behind him saying, "What are you standing there for Jack? Waiting for Christmas??" Jack couldn't help but laugh at what his brother had just said. Jack thought for a moment and then said, "Maybe I should take you to the town hall to meet the Halloweentown mayor!" "Ok... fine with me." replied Zack with a puzzled look.

They arrived at the town hall and the mayor looked confused. Jack explained to him that Zack was his twin brother, and then the mayor shook his hand. The mayor said, "Wow... you and Zack really look alike!" Jack only chuckled. "That's why we are twins, but the only way you can tell us apart, is that Zack is wearing a pure black tuxedo and I'm wearing a pinstriped black tuxedo." The mayor nodded at what Jack had said. Jack and Zack said goodbye to the mayor and then left town hall and headed back to Skellington Manor.

Jack went up the stairs first and this time opened the door and told Zack to stay outside for a minute. Jack went in and found Sally sitting on the couch. "Oh Jack! I missed you so!" Jack replied, "I missed you too Sally, but I need you to hide somewhere for a few minutes." "Ok Jack." She went into the closet and Jack opened the door for Zack to come in. Zack looked around a bit and then said, "Nice house Jack... for a king you're really wealthy." "Thanks Zack."

Later, Jack and Zack were sitting on their couch and Zack heard a thumping noise coming from upstairs. Zack said, "What's that noise?" Jack remembered that Sally was still in the closet and then gasped quietly. Jack jumped up and started to run upstairs when Zack asked, "Hey Jack! Where are you going?" Jack made up an excuse for why he was running upstairs and said, "Umm... I have to go to the bathroom..." Zack looked at him and said, "Ok...?" Jack jolted upstairs and to the closet where Sally was in. He opened the door, and Sally said, "Why am I in here anyway?" Jack looked at her and then down the stairs, and then said, "Umm... Sally... I want you to come downstairs." "Ok Jack."

Jack walked back downstairs and Zack was sitting on the couch. Jack went over to him and said, "Zack... I have a secret..." Zack looked up and said, "Oh... what is it Jack?" Jack took a deep breath and then said, "Ok... I have been..." and just as Jack was going to reveal Sally to him, he heard a beautiful girl voice say, "Hi Zack! What are you doing here?" Jack practically fainted as Sally came running down the stairs and practically crashing into Zack on the couch.

Zack blinked a couple of times and then said, "S-S-Sally???? Is that really you??" She said, "Yup it's me." Zack looked to Jack and then whispered, "What is she doing here?" Jack gulped and said, "That was what I was going to tell you. This is my secret." Zack's mouth was hanging open in shock and Sally giggled at him.

Zack got up off the couch and asked Sally to leave the room for a few so he could talk to Jack. She left the room and Zack turned to Jack and said, "Why is she here???" Jack said, "I-I-I..." Zack gave him a stern look and Jack finally got over his stuttering and said, "Sally and I have been married for a year." Zack fell backwards onto the couch in an immediate shock. Jack stood there and looked at him and thought, "Oooh... I knew that wouldn't go good... why did I tell him..." Zack closed his eyes and fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning.

The next day, Zack didn't remember anything that happened the night before, all he remembers is that Jack said something to make him fall backwards on the couch and then everything went black. He got up and his skull hurt a bit. He walked into the kitchen and Jack was sitting at the table. Jack got up and said, "Oh my god! Zack! You passed out last night! Are you alright?" Zack blinked and said, "I don't remember anything that happened last night... its all a blur..." "You hit your head on the couch pretty hard last night" Jack said. Zack groaned and sat down at the table. Sally walks in and looks at Zack and says, "Oh Zack! Are you all right? Jack told me all about you passing out last night and I was so worried!" All of a sudden, the memory of last night shot back into Zack's brain and he looked at Jack like he was jealous or mad at him.

Ok... I know this chapter is a bit shorter then the 1st one but I made it this way so whoever reads this can wonder about what happens next. Tongue Chapter 3 is on its way to reveal what Zack thinks about Jack after he finds out about Sally, and more!

Chapter: 1 2 3

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