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TNBC 2: The Jack and Zack Attack

TNBC 2: The Jack and Zack Attack

© Tahlia

Chapter: 1 2 3

Jack and Zack were standing in the kitchen the next day talking. Everything started out fine, just a normal conversation, then Zack started talking about Sally. Zack took a deep breath and said, "Jack... why did you marry Sally?" Then Jack said something so obvious, "I married her because I love her!" Zack smacked his forehead and said, "That's not what I meant... what I meant was, did you do it to make me jealous or mad?" "No! How was I supposed to know that you, of all people, would have a crush on her??" "I haven't seen you in forever Zack! I mean really!" Zack just stood there and looked at him with his eyes wide open. Zack snapped out of his little daze and said, "I know... I'm sorry Jack. I was just kind of jealous and confused." Jack looked at Zack and smiled.

Later on that day, Zack was sitting in Jack's bedroom thinking up a plan to get Jack out of the house and trick Sally into being with him. He sat back until he was touching the headboard with his back and stared at the ceiling. Suddenly an idea came to him. He thought, "I know what I'll do... I'll get Jack out of the house and then dress up as him (after all I do look and sound exactly like him) and trick Sally into loving me and not Jack!" He smiled sinisterly and stood up. He walked down the stairs and Jack was talking to Sally in the kitchen. Zack stood there for a moment and looked at them. "They look so happy together" "Perfect..." thought Zack with a sinister look on his face. Jack looked up and said, "Hi Zack. Want to sit down with us?" Zack sits down at the table and thinks up more to his sinister plan to get Sally.

The next day, Jack went out for the day leaving Zack and Sally alone at home. Sally was still asleep and Zack was sneaking through the house getting things set up for his plan to get Sally. "Bouquet of black roses, CHECK. Candy, CHECK. Jack out of the house for a day, CHECK. Jack's pinstripe tuxedo, CHECK. Everything is ready for my plan!" He laughed manically but quiet enough to not wake Sally.

Sally woke up a little while later and came downstairs to find "Jack" sitting at the kitchen table. She sat down and said, "Good morning Jack. Sleep well?" "Jack" nodded. Sally asked, "Hmm... Where do you suppose Zack is?" "Jack" said, "He must be out for the day." Sally smiled at him. She put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Zack thought, "Oh boy! This is going just as I had planned!" The day went by like any other with "Jack" and Sally. Zack's day was perfect. He was happier than ever. His plan was going great and he was having the greatest day of his life.

A little later, "Jack" and Sally were sitting on the couch and Sally had her head lying on his shoulder again. They sat there lovingly for about a few more minutes when he hears the real Jack coming up the steps to the door. He starts to sweat, as the footsteps get closer. He gets up and goes over to the door, and Sally asks, "What are you doing Jack?" "Jack" gulps and locks the door and makes up an excuse to why he did that. "I was locking the door for extra privacy." Sally looked at him and sat back down on the couch. The real Jack was now jiggling the doorknob and "Jack" was sweating even harder. Sally got up and walked up to the door and opened it. She stood there and looked at Jack and looked back at "Jack". She freaked out and fell back on the couch. Jack looked at "Jack" and then back at Sally who was now sitting on the couch looking shocked.

Jack and "Jack" started arguing about which Jack is the real Jack when Sally comes up with an idea to reveal the real Jack. She stands up and says, "Hey! I know what you guys could do to reveal which of you is the real Jack." "You could scream!" "Jack" looked at her and said, "Umm... scream?? What's that going to solve?" Sally rolled her eyes and said, "You know! Nobody can scream like Jack!" Jack thought, "Oh yeah!" "Ok. Let's do it." Sally nodded.

Jack and "Jack" stood next to each other and Sally said for the Jack that she was with all day to scream first. "Jack" let out the most blood-curdling scream he could and then Sally said for the Jack that was gone all day to scream. Jack opened his mouth really wide and let out a scream that was so high pitched and blood curdling that the windows of the manor shattered. Sally ran over and hugged the real Jack tightly and Zack ran out of the room and into the bedroom upstairs. Jack came bursting into the room and looked at Zack with angry eyes. Zack was all huddled up on the bed like he was afraid of Jack. Jack grabbed Zack by his coat tails and dropped him on the floor. He crawled into a corner and looked up at Jack. Jack looked down at him and said, "Zack! Get out of this house and go back to where you belong!" Zack got up and ran out the door.

Sally was still downstairs when Zack came running down the steps and out the front door. Jack came down the stairs and sat on the couch. Sally looked at him and said, "You chased him off Jack?" "Yes I did Sally, he'll never come back here again." Sally kissed Jack and Jack smiled.

Ok... this is the end of the story. Hope you enjoyed the this and please make comments. Thanks Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3

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