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Belt Loops

(4 chapters) © Natessa Xyla Boogie
Ignore the title. This story isnt supposed to be funny. It's about something horrible. I might continue it, if I feel like it.. rated 13+ for abuse and rape

Emma Skellington

(2 chapters) © Sally_382
Hey guys, it's Leslie comming at you with another story. This one is kinda sad kinda family centered. Jack and Sally find a new arrival. There will be more stuff, including why Emma is NOT an OC.
(Thanks to SkellingtonGirl because she helped me make this story and because she was there for me, reason being inside)

Meet the Skelligntons

  © mistyskellington
Yeah, the title is a play on the movie Meet the Robinsons.
ok so, the story doesn't have an actual plot per say, it'll just be some random stories of Jack, Sally, and the kids. all 5 of them. Yes. 5 kids.

Children and their personalities:
Misty (Mist) : Age 13. She is kind hearted and gentle. She would do anything for her family, even fight to save their lives (read the story's later chapters for more).

Jackson: Age 11 3/4. He is calm and quiet. Named after his father.

Robert (Robby) : Age 10. He is usually sitting on the windowsill in his room, thinking about life. he was adopted.

Zachary (Zack) : age 9. He and his sisters have very close relationship. Misty is usually the first one in the house to learn about his problems.When Warren, Oogie's son, began bullying Zack at school, Misty was the first person he turned to. Zack is rather shy and quiet.

Roxanne: age 6 1/2. Roxanne see's the beauty in everyday life. she is kind, sweet, warm hearted, and gentle. She is like Misty in every single way

ok, well I hope you enjoy the story! I DO NOT OWN TNBC!!!!

Just A Dream

(3 chapters) © NintendoGal55
Sequel numero uno of "Sewing Basket", taking place as if the events of that night were only a dream. Sad and distraught, it doesn't stop Jack and Sally from forming a very deep connection, that although doesn't come to fruition, will eventually do so in the long run.

Warning: Major Fluff.


(3 chapters) © NintendoGal55
Secondary "what if?" sequel to "Sewing Basket". This time, we chronicle the events of the film as if Jack and Sally were together and in love following the events of the previous story. Jack comes to deal with two obsessions. Christmas, and Sally too.

Rated for mentions of sexual content and just to be safe.

Sweet Lies

(8 chapters) © rbd.ragdoll.queen
Jack is the handsome rich guy at school. Sally is the docter's daughter whose a ragdoll. Will Jack and Sally get along?? stay tune!

interview... with a diffrence. :3

(34 chapters) © BN
Right, as with the other interview things people are posting, you can ask the cast of TNBC questions, and dare them... but, with this one, you can actuly come onto the show and take questions from people and cast members too. :3 if any-one wants to that is.
<.< >.> and yes, I admit i'm a little bit of a copy-cat. So, uh, sorry, and, erm, thanks to who-ever started this thing off.

It's All in the Past

(5 chapters) © SelenNight
Every great leader has a past, even one that he can't remember...
This is a story on how Jack became the Pumpkin King when he was 17 and the sacrifices he didn't have a choice about.


  © JackandSallyalways
Jack wants to dance with his rag doll love out in the pumpkin patch, but Sally finds that between twisting pumpkin vines and her unforgiving feet she can't maintain her balance. Fluffy oneshot.

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