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Ψ A Filthy Finale - Holiday Trash Hill Ψ

As Oogie flies through the sky in Sandy's sleigh, the "present" he got from one of the little elves gets activated, making him jump off. After a few hundred feet of falling and growling, he lands in a big pile of junk, not quite happily. He starts yelling very loudly, which makes all the bugs and such creatures around bring all kinds of junk to him, making him huge. Now, mainly made of trash, he is ready to get his revenge on Jack! Meanwhile, Jack tells Sandy to deliver the presents using the coffin sleigh while he takes care of Oogie...

♣ Follow the road to get to Oogie.

Ψ A Filthy Finale - Holiday Trash Hill Ψ

Boss Battle - Mega Oogie*

First of all, there's no singing here, meaning there is no attack sequence either, Oogie is completely controlled by the AI. This area has two levels, a lower one and an upper one. You start off on the lower one, but there are some grapples which you can use to go up.

Basically, there is only one thing you can do down here: deal enough damage to Oogie's feet to make him fall, so you can reach and attack his head for a few seconds. Although this makes him lose the most health points, there is a tiny problem with it. It is only easy to pull off in Easy mode. In Nightmare mode you need to deal the damage of 5 fire bomb attacks to his feet to make him fall. That is a lot. And he'll do his best to make you stop, by trampling you or puking various kinds of trash at you. These both can be dodged, but it is just too annoying to stay on this floor if you don't want to take damage (but if you are playing in Easy mode, go for it, it's the fastest way then).

So, let's get to the upper floor. There are two pipes here, with gas coming out of them, and that is where you can deal the most damage up here. Stand close to one of them, to lure Oogie there, and then use any of Pumpkin King Jack's fire attacks to turn it into a spiffy flamethrower. After some seconds it will stop blowing gas, but you will be able to use it again soon. Until then, just do the same with the other one.

You can also use the Soul Robber to attack him, but only when he is very close. This is the safest to do right after he jumps close to you, because he needs time to stand up. If you're far enough from him, he will most likely jump to you this way. Just make sure you are not too far, because then you won't reach him after the jump. Watch where you are trying to attack from, because there are some grapples up here too, and if you are close to one of them, the camera tends to be evil.

He will keep doing two kinds of attacks while you are up here. Start puking trash at you just like when you try to get him off of his feet, or try to slap you. If he is in a slapping mood, you can either do a few side jumps to dodge his arms, or if there's a grapple very close to you, you can grab it, so you fly up high, and dodge that way.

If he starts puking, either start jumping in one direction and keep doing it until he stops, or jump off, to the lower floor. Jumping off is much more convenient, because he stops doing it when you get to another floor. Again, watch out for the camera, don't get stuck, because then you will be hit. Using the grapples on the upper floor is not recommended this time, because you will not be in the air long enough. Same goes for trying to use a spinning attack to shoot his trash back. It does work, but doesn't take long enough, you will most likely get hit after.

When the pipes finally start blowing gas again, just do the flamethrower technique.

There is no dance in this part of the battle.

*: Formerly known as "Last Oogie", getting that name from the Japanese folks, then called "Trash Oogie" here for almost a year, because it even made some sense, then translated to "Mega Oogie" by the English version's translator folks, which again, makes less sense, but seems final, so he can have that name here too...

After the fight, Oogie collapses. The battle is finally over. Or isn't it? He gets up and yells that he just has started...

Dance Battle - Mega Oogie

Let's dance, indeed! Smile

This final dance is slightly different from the ones before. You start with full health, and your goal is to survive. Survive, because every time you miss a button, you will lose one health point (you only lose one in Nightmare mode too).

This dance is the hardest one in the game, consisting of 124 buttons to press. Hardest, but not really hard at all, if you have already gotten the feeling of these dances. If not, you might be having a hard time here. You might want to check the dancing tutorial.

Remember, just try to follow the song's rhythm.

Oogie got beaten once again. But this time he is not likely going to continue fighting, having his bugs falling out... again. So, he will not be back for a while!

♣ Chapter completed.


Sandy arrives back, having the presents delivered just in time. He thanks Jack for saving his life. Then flies off again, this time in his own sleigh.

Jack and Sally meet on the Spiral Hill, and Sally is worried that he would leave again. But Jack assures her that he will not, because he's realized that "the most wonderful discoveries are a little closer to home".


Tips & Hints

At this beginning of the chapter, you can still go back to Halloween Town, if you want to get some supplies, etc. To do that, just go through that gray hole on the right.

If you find the dance too hard to get a high enough combo, you can "cheat" and get it in Halloween Town too. Wink

Dance Sequence

S Rank Requirements







13:00 13:00 14:00


99 124 124


24 20 15


64 80 80
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