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Ψ Graveyard - Tomb of Tears Ψ

♣ Go to the Old Graveyard.

Ψ Graveyard - Old Graveyard Ψ

♣ Head towards the big crypt.

On the way to the crypt, right next to bridge, Jack finds a letter written by Sally, telling Jack to hurry back, because Oogie and his monsters, created by Dr. Finkelstein have taken over everything.

Item: Sally's Letter

♣ Go on towards the big crypt.

Jack, continuing his way to the crypt, gets interrupted by Lock, who tries to stop him again.

Boss Battle - Lock

This time it is not enough to defeat Lock's skeletons, you have to beat him himself.

He jumps around a lot, when he's in the air, you can most likely hut him by attacking him with . When he is down, the most convenient way to get him is to keep grabbing him and throwing him at something (, ).

Only bother with his skeletons when they are close enough to hit you.

Lock will try to attack you with his pump, but if you dodge around, he will probably miss. Sometimes he jumps up high in the air (and disappears), if that is the case, when his shadow appears under you, watch out, because he will try to get you from above.

After getting beaten up, Lock promises Jack to be good, again. I wonder if he means it this time... Wink Now nothing can stop Jack from getting to the crypt.

♣ Enter the big crypt.

Ψ Graveyard - Corridor of Coffins Ψ

There are several coffins here, and spiders keep coming out of them. Don't bother with them (and the ghosts), just jump your way through, to the other side.

♣ Enter the Burial Chamber.

Ψ Graveyard - Burial Chamber Ψ

Jack spots Sally! They're finally back together! Or, aren't they? Some kind of string, coming from above, grabs and lifts Sally. Jack looks up... it's a huge spider!

Boss Battle - Super Spider

In all spider fights, you have to hit the spiders' abdomen (or ass, you pick Tongueb). For that you will have to get behind them, which you can do while they are busy attacking.

They have three different attacks: shooting cobweb at you - or the ground, if it misses. This is something you want to dodge, because if it hits you, you get damage, or if you step in it, you get stuck. After such an attack, you have a chance to jump around them to get behind, but this might take some practice until you can actually do it right.

Another attack is when they charge at you. Just dodge, and since they run too far, you have a good chance to hit. Same goes for their last attack, when they jump high, to fall on you.

When you succesfully hit their abdomen, they will go underground, and instead lots of small spiders will appear. When there are still a lot of these, do some normal attacks, then start spinning (this will also get you lots of music notes). When they get less, and spinning does not get enough of them, just keep doing normal attacks.

As these little ones get killed, the big ones will get smaller and smaller, until they can be defeated by one single attack. But until that, after a while the small ones will disappear, and the big ones will appear again.

Jack saves Sally, and now they are actually back together again. Sally tells him that thanks to Oogie, the Doctor has turned mad, and asks him to save him.

Item: Valentine Door, Laboratory Key

New form: Pumpkin King Jack

♣ Chapter completed.

Tips & Hints

Later on, when you can change to Santa Jack, these spider battles are a very good source to get lots of by using your Scared Stiffs.

Dance Sequence

S Rank Requirements







10:00 10:00 9:00


47 59 59


14 12 8


47 59 59
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